Friday, October 20, 2006

Google Goes Multivariate

Goole has just released a brand new robust tool for Multivariate Testing, Google Website Optimizer. I don't know if you've seen this yet, but it is really worth looking into if you have been considering performing some landing page testing, as i'm sure all of you have. The tool appears to be very easy to use, requiring some code to be placed on your landing page, much like Google Analytics, and in those coded areas, it allows you to provide alternative blocks of text, images, buttons, headlines or other variables that you want to test.

The reporting offers you real and estimated data based on actual actions taken from your landing page, allowing you to immediately see which combinations of variables are the most successful. For instance, some of the columns include Estimated Conversion Rate Range, which gives a range of conversion success in comparison to the original combination of variables, the Chance to Beat Original or Chance to Beat All, which show the probability of any combination outperforming the original layout or all the other combinations of layouts. And the quantifiable column, Observed Improvement is a measure of improvement over the original layout, although Google does state that a larger amount of data is required before putting too much stock in this one.

Like I said, this is a great tool, and best of all it's free! Well, it's free as long as you have a Google Adwords account, but if you have been waffling about starting a PPC campaign, this would be the time to do it in my opinion, this is a great opportunity to immediately test and refine your landing pages with realtime data. For much more insight into Sponsored Campaigns, visit Rick Tobin's blog

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