Wednesday, November 08, 2006

We're all Verklempt, Discuss Amongst Yourselves, We'll Give you a Topic... Google vs. MSN vs. Yahoo!

If you've read the original Google Eye-Tracking White Paper released by Enquiro, Eyetools and Did-It, you'll know the impact and discussion it has caused in the industry with the unveiling of the Golden Triangle and accompanying insights giving the search marketer an edge with their Google specific strategies. Quotes from this article have been picked up all over the industry, from sources such as Danny Sullivan and Anne Holland, and is used as training collateral for many organizations with an interest in online marketing.

Well, prepare yourselves because the next wave of insight is at the industry's doorstep! A few of us here at Enquiro have been working dilligently on the last few pieces of information for the new Eye-Tracking White Paper with Gord Hotchkiss at the helm, a White Paper that broadens the scope of the original by 2 engines, MSN and Yahoo! This new paper definitely offers insights for the search marketers out there by digging into topics like the the effect of sponsored listings on each engine by area, banner blindness and the growth of navigational search. But this paper also has plenty of new information that those usability and the onsite experience junkies will find very interesting. For instance, have you ever thought about the impact that the MSN or Yahoo! portal page might have on the rest of the search experience? How positive or negative news stories or images might affect the success of the searchers experience? No? How about perceived relevancy on the engines? Which engine is really the most relevant? Is Google always number one? We all have our theories, and this paper will help to quantify some of them, and generate discussion around others..

Do we have your attention? I haven't seen the final version yet, but I'm really curious! Be sure to check it out!

Download a sample of the impending report here.

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