Monday, January 29, 2007

Manoj Jasra Interviews Bill Slawski

Manoj Jasra from Web Analytics World is at it again. This time he's discussing research, social media optimization and social bookmarking with Bill Slawski, the President of SEO by the Sea.

Listen to Manoj's latest foray into podcasting to hear what Bill has to say about:

  • SEM in 2006 (specifically Social Media Optimization and Social Bookmarking)
  • What we can expect in SEM in 2007
  • New patents by Google and what we can expect from Google in the future
  • Google's steady Growth and Google's competitors
  • The future of Yahoo, MSN and how they can make up ground on Google
And listen for Bill's info on Danny Sullivan's secretive Search Marketing Expo, which I know we're all keen to see the launch of. It's a great listen and well worth your few minutes to start your week off right. Great work Manoj.

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