Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Matt Cutt's Ties with Google

In a recent post on his blog (see – The Real Lesson from this Week), Matt Cutts discussed the need for Google to not just have one unofficial blogger (himself), but for them to have “lots of unofficial bloggers”. This could simply be an attempt to spread the wealth, opening up the waters for new Google bloggers to swim in. Or it could be that Matt is slowly letting go of the steering wheel, easing back in order for someone else to take control.

And on another post (see – Page View Metrics? Bah Humbug!), Matt came to the defense of Yahoo! because of the flack they’ve been receiving about their market share of pageviews dropping after implementing AJAX into their excellent new mail system.

Could the techie face of Google be ready to try something new, or, as his wife so rightly put it, “when do we move on to our next adventure? I somehow doubt that any move that Matt makes will be to Yahoo though, as this doesn’t really present itself as a new adventure for the wife and cats.

Is the SES rock star ready to take a final bow from the Google stage? Or should we marketers stop speculating already and leave the guy alone? Though it is interesting to speculate, and as Matt himself said “You know you’re doing something right when you get included as gibberish in spam emails.

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1 comment:

Rob said...

I doubt he'd leave - he's got a lot invested in Google. Not in money but time and his profile as well.

Plus he's probably made a whack of cash :)